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HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Because it is Memorial Day – I thought I’d take a moment to pay tribute to some of our ancestors who fought the struggle for us.  Below you will find quotes made by some of our brothers and sisters (some still living) that have fought the fight for us today!! “He who […]

Our History in Cleveland, Ohio – Part I


DID YOU KNOW? (This is a long, but informative post.) Our history in Cleveland, Ohio is practically as old as the city itself.  George Peake, a substantially wealthy man, inventor of the hand mill for grinding grain, native of Maryland, and former resident of Pennsylvania, was the first African-American to settle in Cleveland, Ohio, along […]

WISDOM: Quotes From Some of Our Brothers and Sisters


The following are a series of quotes and a few poems on various topics, from some of our Brothers and Sisters (past and present), who at some time or another, have been involved in the struggle for equality, justice, and civil rights.  These quotes/poems reflect some of the most profound aspects of the African-American human […]

Celebrating ‘Our Story’ – More Heroes


Throughout the years on November 10th: In 1780 on this date, the African Union Society of Newport, Rhode Island was established.  It was the first attested Black Mutual Aid Society. On this date in 1831, Nat Turner, an African-American slave, whom initiated the largest slave rebellion in the antebellum southern United States, in Southampton County, Virginia, […]

Celebrating Our Story – More Unsung Heroes


Did you know throughout the years, on November 9th: Benjamin Banneker was born on this date in 1731, in Ellicott, Maryland.  He was a self-taught African-American Astronomer and Mathematician.  At the age of 22, Banneker created a working wooden clock, after studying a watch of a friend.  It took him two years to finish this clock, […]

Celebrating Our Story – Continued


Did you know throughout the years, on November 8th that: Eartha Mary Magdalene White was born in 1876 in Jacksonville, Florida.  She was an African-American vocalist, educator, administrator and humanitarian.  After graduating from Stanton School, she moved to New York City, where she attended and graduated from both the Madam Hall Beauty School and the […]

Celebrating OUR STORY


I am celebrating the some of the many incidents and/or contributions that have been made by Our People, or that our people have been involved in over the years, specifically for the week of November 1st through November 7th, as follows: November 1st: First African Free School opened in New York City, in 1787. The […]

Saving Our Youth – Revised (Part I)


   Hello All: It’s been a long time since either of us have been here.  However, that won’t happen in the near future, as I (Natalie) have quite a bit on my mind these days. One of the major issues that has been on my mind and my heart for quite some time has been […]