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I thought it might be necessary for ALL OF US (PEOPLE OF COLOR) to read, re-read, remember, and NEVER FORGET, the following speech/letter given by Willie Lynch, a slave owner whom over 300 years ago devised a plan to keep Black people divided and in conflict with one another.

“I greet you here on the bank of the James RIver in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and twelve.  First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the colony of Virginia for bringing me here.  I am here to help you sole some of your problems with slaves.  Your invitation reached me in my modest plantation in the West Indies where I have experimented with some of the newest and  still the oldest methods for control of slaves.  Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented.  As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King James, whose Bible we cherish, I saw enough to know that our problem is not unique.  While Rome used cords and wood as crosses for standing human bodies along the old highways in great numbers, you are here using the tree and the rope on occasion.

“I caught a whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree a couple of miles back.  You are losing valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed.  Gentlemen…You know what your problems are; I do not need to elaborate.  I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them.

“In my bag, I have a fool-proof method for controlling your slaves.  I guarantee every one of you that if installed it will control the salves for at least three hundred years.  My method  is simple, any ember of your family or any OVERSEER can use it.

“I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves, and I take these differences and make them bigger.  I use FEAR, DISTRUST, and ENVY for control purposes.  These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies, and it will work throughout the South.  Take this simple list of differences and think  about them.  On the top of my list is “AGE” but it is only there because it starts with an “A”.  The second is “COLOR” or shade; there is INTELLIGENCE, SIZE, SEX, SIZE OF PLANTATION, ATTITUDE of owner, whether the slave s live in the valley, on a hill, east, west, north, south, have fine or coarse hair, or is tall or short.  Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action – but before that, I shall assure you that DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST, AND ENVY IS STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION.

“The Black slaves, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

“Don’t forget you must pitch the old Black VS the young Black males, and the young Black male against the old Black male.  You must use the dark-skinned slaves VS. the light-skinned slaves.  You must use the female VS the male and the male VS the female.  You must always have your servants and OVERSEERS distrust all Blacks but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us.  They must love, respect, and trust only us.

“Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control – use them.  Never  miss an opportunity.  My plan is guaranteed, and the good thing about this plan is that if used intensely for one year the slave will remain perpetually distrustful.”

When I look at this letter, along with all of the other historical events that have plagued and oppressed us as a race, I am well-reminded that the tragic death of Trayvon Martin  is part of a much larger plan.  We must emphatically seek justice for Trayvon Martin and his family as well as for all of us, and seek in such a way that it puts an irrepairable dent in some of the overarching dilemmas and prejudices impacting us all!

Love & Peace,
Natalie R. Fitten



  1. I believe that there is still a problem with the Willie Lynch Syndrome here in the 21 Century: even with a Black President, we can’t seem to come togather, when it should have came into play with Dr. King.

  2. I just read about the Lynch Theory only because my father mentioned it to me I’ve never heard about it in highschool or now while im in college until now, however it does make perfect sense why the black male and female are so unified, we are constantly fighting against each other The black woman will look down on a black man quick just on judging them off status or education assuming that they’re no good, or we can do better without them. I guess this is where they get the idea that the black woman is too strong and why so many blck men prefer other races.

    • Thanks for responding. It is unfortunate that so many have not heard about the Willie Lynch Syndrome or Letter, or for that matter so many other issues that occurred in our history. We have got to come together, and quit downgrading one another.

  3. I had never heard of this in my whole 37years of living and It kind of really makes me sick,but it makes sense.Its time for us to start building our young,and old black men up.That way we can reverse this cycle.

    • Thanks for responding. This has been known by many for many years. And I agree with you — it is past time to start building our young and old Black men up as well as our females to stop this cycle. Again – thanks for responding.

  4. I had experince with the Willie Lynch syndrome. Slavery still exsist, my tragic was through a dentist, a chip was place in me during surgery for years I have been suffering , I am often used; as if there is nothing that can be done , I ask that humanitary pay attention people. LAW AND ORDER showed a premire were a chip was installed in a youn lady same as my self, this was done against my well for years I was hidden, The pain is severe . It was hideen to keep others from understanding what is happening, Please fight for humanity before it is too late, slaveryy is just the beginig of our troubles. sign It is too late for me

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