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With the overall state of the American and the continuous decline in OUR COMMUNITIES OF COLOR — we continue to have this tradition of ‘BLACK FRIDAY”!  Why? Because since the 19th Century Americans have been making corporations rich!!  And now, most of us are broke!!!

Do you really know the true history of this so-called ‘BLACK FRIDAY’?

As early as the 19th Century, Americans have viewed Thanksgiving as the traditional start to the Christmas holiday shopping season.  Specifically, department stores executed this marketing initiative, hosting parades to launch the beginning of the first wave of Christmas ads, which began with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, ever since 1924.  The holiday shopping spree became so important to retailers that during the ‘Great Depression’ they appealed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, to move Thanksgiving up a week earlier, in order to stretch the holiday shopping season.  However, few observed it and the change resulted in little economic boost, if any.

Originally, the term, ‘Black Friday,’ was utilized to explain something totally different – the September 24, 1864 stock-market panic, which was set off by the plunging gold prices.  Newspapers  in Philadelphia re-appropriated  the phrase in the late 1960s, describing the overwhelming rush of crowds in stores.  It’s justification followed tying it to accounting balance sheets where ‘black’ ink was represented (and still is) as profits.  The term stuck and spread like wild-fire, and by the 1990s ‘Black Friday’ because an unofficial retail holiday nationally, and since 2002 has been the season’s biggest shopping day each year.


Currently, the national unemployment rate has been reported to be at 9%.  However, for People of Color it’s over 16%, probably more like 30% (especially when you take into consideration those who have exhausted all Unemployment Benefits).  And – this is all due to the bail out of Corporate America.  But, I ask you – have you ever been bailed out?!  Do you really have that money to continue to make Corporate America rich–er!!

If you must – shop at small businesses within your own community, especially those businesses that are owned and operated by People of Color — BETTER YET, GIVE THAT MONEY TO THOSE DISENFRANCHISED PEOPLE OF COLOR IN YOUR COMMUNITY – WHO REALLY NEED IT!!!




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