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Recently, I have come across a vast array of information indicating that we as a people, are continuing to destroy one another, no matter the age.  We as a people, must stop this ‘Willie Lynch Syndrome,’ and learn to practice the ways of our ancestors.  To that end, I would like to share with you a tremendous amount of information relative to ‘Our Story,’ relating to Our Heroes and Heroines.


‘Sankofa: 400 Years Can Never Triumph Over 6,000 years of Our History!’

A Black Father has Four (4) Responsibilities: To Populate & Educate and To Protect and Defend


George Washington did not ASK for Freedom – He took it.

President Harry Truman did not ASK for Peace – He fought for it.

President Abraham Lincoln did not ASK for Equality – He gave everything for it.


The Power of One: N’ga Jim from (N’gola (aka The Congo) – The Most Powerful One-Man Army – Leader of Stono Rebellion – 9/9/1739 – Killing 25 Slave Owners and burning 7 Plantations.


  • South Carolina was so afraid that for 10 years they STOPPED importing slaves from Africa!!!
  • Later they imported slaves from areas other than the Congo-Angolan area.

Toussaint L’Overture & Dessalines (5/20/1743 – 4/8/1703)

  • Leaders of the Haitian Revolution (1791 to 1803)
  • Killed 60,000 of Napoleon’s troops and 25,000 civilians

The French Involvement

  • They destroyed Napoleon’s Army, making him cry
  • France was forced to sell Louisiana (1803); doubling the size of the United States
  • Toussaint was later betrayed and executed by the untrustworthy French (who still owe Haiti money today), after formally being invited as a victorious Head of State to sign Peace Treaties.

Denmark Vessey – Originally from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (1767 – 7/2/1822)


  • Planned the largest rebellion in the United States of America: Over 9,000 Black people ready to take over the State of South Carolina
  • Inspired by the Haitian Revolution during 1791 – was a ‘Freeman’ and an AME Preacher

The Plan

  • Slaves and Free Blacks must slay their owners and seize the City of Charleston, South Carolina.

Nat Turner (10/2/1800 – 11/11/1831

  • Leader of Nat Turner’s Rebellion in Virginia in 1831 that resulted in 60 deaths.  Inspired by ‘David Walker’s Appeal’ (9/28/1828): A call on all slaves to kill every slave owner.
  • 2/12/1831 – Solar Eclipse was a sign from GOD to carry out a Rebellion.
  • Description of Nat Turner: 5′ 7″, 150 to 160 pounds, flat nose, yellow skin, brisk walker, and immersed in the Bible.

3-Finger Jack – Originally from The Kongo (1780s)

  • Jamaican Hero, 6′ 7″ tall: Covered such a wide territory that he was thought to be omnipresent.
  • Leader of over 60 men and women.  Completely feared by the British who posted a massive reward.
  • Burned plantations killing the British and their sympathizers or supporters.


  • Blessed by Obi-Yah men (Meaning: Men of GOD from the Ashante-Hebrew).
  • Carried his Obiang-bag and Ram’s horn containing medicine, guidance and protection.
  • ObiYah made Jack invincible to whites: Killed b y Quashie, later called “Wutless John.
  • Religions like ‘ObiYah’ and ‘VieuxDieux’ strike the Fear of GOD into the hearts of the wicked.
  • Through the effective use of propaganda and lies, Whites have convinced Blacks, even to this day, to be afraid of the Memories, Faces and Science of their LOVING AFRICAN FORE-PARENTS.

PHARAOHS & PRESIDENTS: Akhenaten, Abraham Lincoln, Vicente Guerrero and Nyahnga

Akhenaten (1300 BC) – “The King of Peace”

  • Preached Gospel of Peace 1,000 years before CHRIST: First World Leader to introduce MONOTHEISM.
  • 2,000 years before the Prophet Mohammad he taught the doctrine of the ONE-GOD.
  • Sigmund Freud claims Moses learnt the worship of the ONE-GOD from Akhenaten himself.

Abraham Lincoln (2/12/1809) – 16th President – 3rd Black President

  • Won the Civil war and wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing fellow Blacks.
  • The book, “Black People and Their Place in History,” shows 5 Black Presidents who Passed As Whites – Abraham Lincoln was one of them.
  • Physical Description of Abraham Lincoln – Nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First”
  • Law Partner, Hernon says, “Lincoln has very dark skin, coarse hair and his mom might be Ethiopian.”

Vicente Guerrero – 8/10/1782 – 2/14/1831 – The President of Mexico – Quote: “My Motherland is First!!!!”

  • Liberated Mexico by defeating Spain on 9/25/1829 – President Guerrero freed all Mexican slaves.
  • The Mexican State of Guerrero and the town of ‘Guerrero Negro’ in California are named in his honor.

Lord Nyahnga of Gabon – GOD’s Gift to Mexican Liberation, Mexican National Hero

  • In 1570 Lord Nyahnga, a royal Afrikan, exercised his Freedom.
  • Destroyed his slave owners and Build the town of Yanga in Veracruz Mexico.

BLACK MOORS – Ruled Europe for over 700 Years (710- 1492) ; Pietro Nino, Abubakari, MansaMusa, etc.

  • Established  17 universities and mandatory education; Built Europe’s first education system.
  • 99% of Europeans were illiterate; Only in Moorish Spain did you find female doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • Took Europe from the ignorance of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance through science and education.
  • Introduced the importance of Bathing: Before t he Moors, Europeans bathed only three times a year!!

**America and the MOORS: Never believed in flat-earth; Gave Algebra & Arabic Numerals (0, 1, 2, 3) to Europe**

  • Abubakari (1311 A.D.) – Sails to America with 2,000 ships 181 years before Christopher Columbus.
  • Columbus, reported finding West African metal goods among the Native Americans.
  • Pietro Nino, was the Chief Navigator (Leader) on Columbus’ First Voyage to the Americas.


The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey: Founder of the UNIA – the largest Black Organization in the History of the  Americas

  • Taught Black Responsibility, Black Love and Black Pride.  Back to Africa Movement.  1st Case of FBI.

Dr. Ivan Sertima (Historian & Linguist) – Authored “They Came Before Columbus” and “African Presence in Asia”

  • Technology: Haya People of Tanzania and Uganda were using semi-conductor technology to produce steel over 2,000 years ahead of Europe’s ‘Industrial Revolution.’
  • Accurately teaches that Blacks are the original people of Every Continent on Earth, including Asia.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad – Authored “Message to the Blackman” and “Theology of Time”

  • Taught the Scientific Fact that there was interbreeding between the Caucasian and the ‘non-human’ neanderthals, decades before U.S. scientists confirmed his teachings, through Genetics in May 2010.
  • Taught Brothers Malcolm X and Khalil Muhammad; Taught, simply, that the ‘Black man is GOD.”

Dr. Malachi Z. York – Authored over 360 books with topics from science and language to religion.  Built Tama-Re

  • Famed and imprisoned by the U.S. Government, who immediately destroyed the Black City, Tama-Re.

Cheikh AnteDiop – Physicist, Anthropologist, Muslim and Historian – Wrote the book, “The African Origins of Civilization”

  • Used Genetics proving that Ancient Egyptian people and civilization originated from Black Nubians.

Professor Ahmed Baba of Songhai (1627 A.D.) – Taught his people to love Science and Wrote over 60 Books

  • The Ahmed Baba Institute Public Library in Timbuktu named in his honor;  He taught at Sankore University.
  • Baba credited his learning to ALLAH and maintained his modesty.

Historical Background – Songhai – (1340 to 1541 A.D.)

  • Songhai Empire ruled about 2/3 of West Africa (3 Times the size of France)
  • Songhai collapsed in 1591 A.D., its libraries were burnt and scholars were arrested by the invaders.

IMHOTEP (3000 B.C.) – Known to be “Joseph” son of Israel who was sold to Egypt

  • 1st Multi-Genius in History – First Father of Medicine, 2,000 years before Hippocrates.
  • World’s First Doctor, Engineer and Architect to be known by name.
  • Built the World’s 1st Medical School in Memphis Egypt, called Asklepion.
  • Wrote the World’s 1st Treaties on Medicine and wrote ‘Edwin Smith Papyrus, containing over 90 anatomical observations, 48 injuries, ailments and cures.
  • Worshipped in Greece and Rome as Asklepios in the form of a Black African.
  • Able to raise some of the recently dead through the medical use of snake venom.
  • Able to perform surgery to treat gallstones, tuberculosis, appendicitis, arthritis and over 200 other illnesses.
  • Understood the blood’s circulation system and vital organs 4,000 years before European scholars did.

Note: **FYI – Hippocrates is considered the European Father of Medicine – Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath: “I will do no harm…”**


NEGA HAILE SELASSIE I (7/23/1892 – Crowned King of Kings.



A Mother, A Baby needs one,

A Boy’s “First Love” is one,

A Man can and will have only one,

A Girl is expected to someday become one,

A Woman loves you more than you love yourself,

A Mother is the closest thing we have to GOD on Earth,

Black Woman, Mother of Creation, Queen of My Universe, I Thank You.

The Divine Black Mothers: Dr. Merit Ptah (2700 B.C.) & Dr. Peses-Het (2100 B.C.) Healer and Teacher

  • Dr. Merit Ptah – World’s First Mother of Medicine: Chief Physician and Scientist; World’s First Known Female Physician and First Woman named in the History of Science.
  • Dr. Peses-Het – Known as ‘Lady Overseer,’ Head Physician and Supervisor of Physicians – She graduated surgeons, midwives, maternal doctors and gynecologists at Sais Medical School.
  • Sais Women’s Medical School – Students used the Kahun Papyrus – which gave detailed instructions on performing surgery and treating women’s illnesses.  Medical knowledge was used to poison enemies or to heal friends.  Graduating students, stated, “I have come from the School of Medicine at Heliopolis (the ancient Egyptian capital), and have studied at the Women’s School at Sais where the Divine Mothers taught me how to cure diseases.”

Queen N’zinga – 1583 to 12/1663 – From Present Day N’gola (Angola)

  • Brilliant military strategist, charismatic leader and true warrior.
  • Notorious in war for personally leading her troops into battle.
  • Adopted Christianity to further seal a peace treaty with the Portuguese; the dishonest Portuguese later broke the terms of the treaty.
  • Made alliances with enemies (Dutch) against other enemies (Portuguese)

Harriet Tubman – 1800’s

  • At 13 years old, prevented another slave from being beaten.
  • The overseer in response fractured her skull; it took months to heal.
  • Escaped & Returned to rescue her siblings and her parents – Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green.
  • Always carried a gu n to shoot enemies or anyone who turned back.
  • Rescued at least 200 slaves; Had a bounty over her head of $40,000.00 – In 1853, $40,000 is equivalent to $1,023.005.68 in today;s times.  That is over a MILLION DOLLAR REWARD!!!!
  • During the Civil War she was a nurse, scout and spy for the USA in South Carolina.
  • Raised money for Black schools, women’s rights, the elderly and homes for the needy.
  • Quote: “I freed three hundred slaves; but, I could have freed thousands more, if only they knew they were slaves.”

Yaah Asantewaa – 1850 – 10/17/1921 – Queen Mother of the Asante (Ghana)

  • Leader of the “Golden Stool War” – Ashanti rebellion against British Colonialism in 1900; Victorious in battle.
  • Leader of over 5,000 Asante Warriors; Killed over a thousand British and their allies.
  • The Ashanti defeated the British and maintained independence.
  • The Ashanti were never COLONIZED.
  • Quote: “Is it true that the bravery of the Ashanti is no more?… I shall call upon my fellow women.  We will fight the white man.  We will fight till the last of us falls on the battlefields!!!”

Madam C.J. Walker – 12/23/1867 to 5/25/1919

  • Guinness Book of Records: First Female of any race to become a millionaire on her own.
  • Founded Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company for hair products and cosmetics.
  • Philanthropist: Left 2/3 of her money to schools and charities.

Nanny of the Maroons (1680s to 1730s) – Ashanti-Born Leader and ObiYah Woman Priest

  • The British lived to regret the day  they put Nanny on the slave boat.
  • Military Genius: Master in the art of Guerilla Warfare.
  • Killed hundreds of British soldiers; Terrorized the wicked British slave owners.
  • Almost every slave rebellion involved African Spiritual practices.
  • ObiYah made Nanny invincible to whites; She was able to catch bullets with her hands.
  • Religions like ObiYah and VieuxDieux strike the Fear of God into the wicked.
  • Through the effective use of Propaganda and lies, Whites have convinced Blacks, even to this day, to be afraid of the Religions of their LOVING AFRICAN FORE-PARENTS.

Dr. Angela Davis – 1/26/1944 to Present

  • Leader, Professor, Feminist, Socialist and Communist.
  • Twice a candidate for Vice President of the USA on the Communist Ticket.
  • Active in the Civil Rights Movement and former member of the Original Black Panther Party.
  • Founder of “Critical Resistance” – Working to abolish the prison-industrial complex.
  • On 8/18/1970 – was accused as an accomplice to conspiracy, kidnapping and murder.
  • Dr. Davis became the third woman to be on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List.
  • Fled to California, but was captured in New York City; In 1972 she was found not guilty.
  • Moved to Cuba with Freedom Fighters – Huey Newton and Stokely Carmichael.
  • Targeted by the United States under COINTELPRO

*Note: COINTELPRO is short for Counter Intelligence Program (1956 and 1971) – A series of secret and often illegal projects conducted by the United States to disrupt political organizations and activism.*

Hat-Shep-Sut – 1458 B.C. – “GOD’s Wife” – “The Architect”

  • One of the most successful Pharaohs; Foster-Mother to Moses from the Bible.
  • One of the most prolific builders in Egypt: Reigned for 22 years; later Pharaohs attempted to claim some of her projects as theirs.
  • Made a legendary journey to the land of “Punt” (possibly Israel).

Candace of Meroe (332 B.C.) – Queen of Nubia (Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia and Yemen)

  • Military tactician – Drove ‘Alexander the Great Devil’ away from Nubia in 332 BC
  • A scared Alexander retreated and ran north to invade Upper Egypt instead.
  • Rode standing on top of a Black War Elephant.

Empress Makeda (960 B.C.) – Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt and Yemen)

  • The Exquisitely Black Queen: Mother of King Solomon’s son, Menelik.
  • Menelik later visited his father in Jerusalem and returned with the ‘Ark of Covenant’ to Ethiopia, where it remains this day.
  • In Islamic tradition, she is called, ‘Balqis.’
  • Ethiopians regard themselves to be ‘GOD’s chosen people.’


Zenobia (240 – 274) – Black Queen who Ruled Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Egypt

  • Defeated Rome: The Brave; Claims descended from the African Queen Cleopatra.
  • Described to be beautiful and intelligent with a dark complexion, pearly white teeth, and bright black eyes; Known for being more beautiful than Cleopatra.
  • Fluent in Egyptian, Arabic, Greek and Aramaic Languages.

*Note: Aramaic is a Semitic Language belonging to the Afro-Asiatic language family.  It is the native language spoken by the Virgin Mary and YAHSHUA (JESUS).  YAHSHUA spent the first years of his life in AFRICA.  [Matthew 2:13-14]

To Parents & Elders of the Black Community:  We must continuously Educate Our Children/Youth through Our Story to be Brave, Pro-Active, Non-Violent towards one another and Intelligent!!

(These are just a few of our Heroes and Heroines – There are thousands more!)

Information obtained from the Black Home School Academy and Race and

Natalie R. Fitten





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