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Book Review: “Put On Your Crown…”

This post is basically, for all our females.

In May 2010, well-renown Entrepreneur, Actress, Rapper, Singer, Producer, and just one powerful Black Woman – Queen Latifah, published her new book, titled, “Put on Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom.”  I just completed reading this book; and I must say, it is a must-read for all females, from high school-aged through the age of 40 and older.

Queen Latifah has written this book as if she is talking to the reader personally, as she speaks to the reader in a ‘real-life’ format, holding no punches, and leaving no stones unturned.  She eloquently describes the many emotions that we, as women, experience, based on her own life experiences.  She talks about the struggles in her life, from the divorce of her parents, to living in the New Jersey Projects, to the most tragic death of her brother, to her successful career in th entertainment industry.

Queen Latifah emphasizes that we, as women must possess spirituality in our lives, as she explains that she would not be as successful as she is without her relationship with GOD.  She emphasizes the need for family, whether biologically or adopted.  She encourages women everywhere that no matter their size, shape, color, total physical appearance or economic status – we all are Queens.  Thus, we must explore and show the ‘Queen’ that is in all of us.  She speaks to the fact that we all have or will make mistakes, but it’s okay, because it’s all about living and learning, in other words – it’s called ‘LIFE.’  She further says that we can achieve our dreams, no matter what they are, and must not be discouraged.  She encourages us to attempt to step out of our own comfort zone sometimes, and try out new things, for the sake of living life to the fullest.  Queen Latifah captures all of these issues through the chapter titles of this book: “Success,” “Beauty,” “Money,” “Love,” “Fear,” “Loss,” “Strength,” and “Joy.”  Throughout all of these chapters, she emphasizes the problems that many of us as women experience, and gives sound advice on how to overcome some of these issues, no matter our economic status.  She ends her book by stating, “Celebrate.  Make every moment count.  Walk tall.  Wear your crown with pride.”

Again, I recommend that all females read this book, as it is a most positive tool for those of us that experience low self-esteem sometimes, when life throws those negative turns, and ‘to getting on that road to self-empowerment.’

A Little About Queen Latifah:

For some of our younger readers that may not know that much about Queen Latifah, I though I’d give a brief overview about this magnificent and most successful entertainer.

Queen Latifah, also known by her birth name, Dana Owens, was born on May 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey.  When she was eight years old, a Muslim cousin nicknamed her ‘Latifah,’ which means delicate and sensitive in Arabic.  As her career flourished she chose to use this name as her stage name.  Queen Latifah does it all, as she is a Rapper, Singer, Actress, Entrepreneur, Model and more.  In her junior year of high school, she formed the rap group, ‘Ladies Fresh,’ who later changed their name to the ‘Flavor Unit.’  In 1988, she became a solo artist, cutting her first demo record, titled, “Princess of the Posse.”  It is from this demo, that Queen Latifah’s career began, as Tommy Boy Music signed her on, and in that same year she issued her first single, “Wrath of My Madness.” She continued to excel in the Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B industries, as she has continued to perform her music in all of these genres since her teens.  She is known to many people as the “Queen of Rap.”  In 1991, she founded her own company – ‘Flavor Unit Management Company, where she also produces music for other artists. 

In television, Queen Latifah had the starring role of ‘Khadijah James,’ in the sitcom, “Living Single, where she also wrote and performed the theme music for this show, which aired from 1993-1998.  She had recurring roles from 1991-1992 in the NBC sitcom, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” starring Will Smith.  She also made a guest role appearance as herself in the sitcom, “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” in 1993.  From 1999-2001, she had her own talk show, called “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Some of the films she has appeared in – many as leading roles, have included: “House Party 2” (1991); “Set It Off” (1996); “Living Out Loud” (1998); “Bone Collector” (1999); “Chicago” (2002); “Bringing Down the House” (2003); “Barbershop 2: Back in the Business” (2004); “Beauty Shop” (2005); “Last Holiday” (2006); “Life Support” (2007); “Hair Spray” (2007); ‘The Secret Life of Bees” (2008); and most recently, “Just Wright” (2010).  Queen Latifah’s work in film, music and television have earned her a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, an Emmy Award nomination, an Academy Award nomination, and she is recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Queen Latifah is a celebrity spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics, Curation Ladies Underwear, Pizza Hut and Jenny Craig.  She represents her own line of cosmetics for Women of Color, called the “CoverGirl Queen Collection.”  She has also launched her own line of perfume, called “Queen.”

What a powerful woman!!!  It ‘s important that we all establish and maintain our ‘Queendom,’ and wear our crowns with pride and dignity.  —- Check out the book. It’s available online at, and in most neighborhood libraries.

Source of information for the Bio of Queen Latifah was: and

Until the next time — Stay Blessed!!!

Natalie R. Fitten


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